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The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and us
The Europen Chemical Society developed a new Periodic Table which displays the very real threat of element scarcity. It was unveiled only a week before the Paris celebrations, it was unveiled at an event held at the European Parliament. Read more [...]
Communicating science in a complex world

Social developments triggered by digitalisation, big data or artificial intelligence, curing diseases by modifying the genome of organisms and developing high-tech solutions to slow down climate change – these are just a few topics of enormous societal Read more [...]

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Can public opinion shape the future of genome editing research?

Newer genome editing technologies, such as CRISPR-Cas, are revolutionising scientific research and bringing about a myriad of potential applications in many fields. For science and technology to progress timely and efficiently, the societal debate must move forward at the same pace to help guide the direction of scientific research and to frame policy-making decisions. As this technology progresses, what will be the key questions to address as the public is engaged in these conversations? This article hints at some of them while a comprehensive list will be discussed at ESOF dilemma café session on Friday 13th –participate to find out! Read more [...]